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Solitaire 音響測試雙碟即將問世


Solitaire Audio Labs音響測試雙碟

Cordial of Synth/Rouge of Synth


這支宣傳影片是擷取自Solitaire Audio Labs製作的音響測試雙CD - Cordial of Synth  & Rouge of Synth 內的18首歌曲片段精心剪輯而成。


-真實32位元/192kHz 錄音與混音



-影片使用全4K(PRORES 444)格式錄製與編輯

This promotion video project was an extracted collection of 18 songs carefully pickup from the latest reference test dual CD-Cordial of Synth & Rouge of Synth, made by Solitaire Audio Labs.


-True 32bit/192kHz recording and mixing.

-Pure analog synths/modules used for arrangement.

-Only hardware outboards used for mixing, no plugins and soft synths.

-Video was recorded and edited in true 4k(PRORES444) format.


Enjoy the amazing sound field, dynamic range and crystal clear sound quality.

ps.If you experience lag or noncontinuous during playback in 4k or 2k  format, plz downgrade to 1080HD for smoother streaming playback quality.      

  • 最新單曲MV-In your Eyes(Cordial of Synth)



Music:32bit/192kHz format. Composed and arranged from  true analog synth. No midi sequencing and audio plug-ins during production.

Video:4K/40fps format.


In Your Eyes from Paul Fang on Vimeo.