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再引進Vintage品牌:Mercury Audio



Mercury創始人David Marquette本身跟MidiMall一樣,是Marquette Audio Labs負責人,這是賣錄音設備為主的公司,代理經銷許多專業錄音器材,但David從沒放棄生產高級錄音室設備的夢想,於是2000年時,他請來Soundelux/BockAudio創始人兼電路設計的老闆David Bock以很嚴謹的態度幫他生產了M66, EQ-P1, EQ-H1等設備。

後來,David又找來電路設計好手John Hinson幫他clone teleunken/Simens的經典前級M72系列。Mercury的商品一直堅持英國/美國製造,品質優異,也常獲專業雜誌評鑑。



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TapeOp Magazine #53
May/June 2006
Grand Pre, AM16 Microphone Preamplifiers

"Now Mercury has a pair of solid state mic preamps that are no less impressive, yet a bit more affordable. Each has its own sonic character, with plenty of headroom and gain, low noise, and good, clean, no-fuss operation..."
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Mix Magazine
February 2006
M72s Studio Microphone Preamplifier

"Mercury's M72s is a faithful re-creation of the Telefunken/Siemens V72. The V72s was a rare, modified version specified for the EMI REDD 37 recording desk used by The Beatles and others at Abbey Road Studios during the 1950s and '60s..."
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TapeOp Magazine #49
September/October 2005
EQ-P & EQ-H Program Equalizers, M76m & M72s Studio Microphone Preamplifiers, Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier

"For years, David Marquette cultivated a reputation for elegantly racking and powering Neve, Telefunken, and other desirable vintage modules. He eventually decided to branch out and produce his own versions of some classic vintage pieces under the Mercury name. I recently had a chance to try the entire line, and, boy oh boy, Marquette has done it right from start to finish. It's a happy day when you use gear that can seemingly only make things sound good. The debut line of outboard gear from Mercury accomplishes this in spades..."
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Electronic Musician
October 2006
Grand Pre Studio Microphone Preamplifier

"The Mercury Grand Pre delivers on its promise of dishing out the classic British sound of yesteryear. It sounds terrific on electric guitar, bass guitar, and kick drum..."
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Ricky SkaggsMERCURY M72s STUDIO MICROPHONE AMPLIFIERS"The M-72 brings the vocal up in your face in a mix. Not only that, when you're singing, you can distinguish every little nuance. A lot of mic pres are just plain vanilla - they don't do anything but give you level."
- Ricky Skaggs
in a Mix Magazine article 

MERCURY M72s STUDIO MICROPHONE AMPLIFIERS"I am reminded of you and your infectious passion for what you do everytime I walk into my studio now. I love seeing the equipment you made for me with your own hands, knowing the fact that I share that stage, so to speak, with so many highly successful artists, producers, and engineers. The look, feel of the controls, the aroma of warm tubes and analog circuits everything helps to create a confidence and excitement about what I'm doing. Your equipment functions and sounds like a million bucks."
- Michael Colucci

Brian Garcia

"Dave's Mercury gear is insane! He provides amazing build quality, a beautiful aesthetic and impeccable accuracy. I cannot imagine a better version of what he manufacturers. He provides wonderful personalized customer service and is simply a great human being. Great job Dave! I am quite certain that Dave and Mercury will be the dominant force in our industry for years to come."
- Brian Garcia, Producer/Mixer/Engineer, Los Angeles
Credits include: Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Our Lady Peace, King's X, Dizmas 

Benjy King


"Since the days of working at The Power Station and Media Sound in New York, I have longed for that Pultec sound and vibe. The Mercury EQ-H Equalizer gives me just that. David Marquette's dedication to sonic greatness is reflected in the unit. I love it! Now I just need four more!"
Benjy King 


MERCURY M72s STUDIO MICROPHONE AMPLIFIERS"We have used the M72s over the last couple of weeks for tracking of several projects. We have tracked female and male vocals, reeds, brass, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric bass with it. Lots of different tube, ribbon, condenser and dynamic microphones. The sound is warm and thick, but also incredebly airy in a smooth way. the character it has, is addictive, and also very recognizeable. We are very happy with it. Thanks!"
-Audun Borrmann, Norway

Scott Humphrey


"I called to set up a demo of the Mercury M66 Leveling Amplifier and they suggested I listen to the 2 Mercury EQs (Mercury EQH and EQP) as well. I was doing a mix at the time and thought it was a great time to listen in a "real" environment. Although I was not in the market for EQs I thought it would not hurt to listen to them. The EQs were flawless... I compared them to the two "vintage" Pultecs I had side by side... YOU COULD NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE. Listening with different instrumentation going through them and comparing them both at the same frequency settings side by side, the "vintage" units and the MERCURY EQs sounded EXACTLY THE SAME. I had not intended on purchasing the EQs but after listening too them on the mix I was doing... I purchased both of them!
The MERCURY M66 leveling amplifier was also amazing. It is warm and thick yet musical. I was able to also compare the Mercury M66 to a "vintage" Fairchild. With the applications we were using it on... I thought the MERCURY M66 sounded BETTER more times than the original "vintage" Fairchild.
When I pulled them both up in the mix I could hear the difference... it had the same character of a "vintage" Fairchild but a little something more that I liked more often then the "vintage" one. Bottom line... You will have to hear it to believe it."
Scott Humphrey, Producer / Engineer / Mix Engineer
Credits include: Korn, Rob Zombie, Bon Jovi, Monster Magnet