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PhyTrance Rave:Back To Wonderland


2010.11/13 Back To Wonderland

Psychedelic Trance



Giuseppe Parvati Records Denmark(丹麥)



Giuseppe出生於義大利,長大後搬到丹麥的Aarhus城市,直至今日。約90年代初期,我的朋友Byzught介紹我接觸Psychedelic Trance,那時Byzught每年都去Goa鎮旅行,還有收集音樂。因為當時Aarhus城市並不流行Psytrance。Byzught漸漸地介紹這樣的音樂進來,並且在90年代中期舉辦第一場的派對, 他們開了一間舞廳叫做“INSTANT KARMA“與Total Eclipse, Dino Psaras, Koxbox等藝人合作。


兩千年的夏天, Giuseppe成立了廠牌 - Parvati 。當時的視野是創立一個地下音樂平台, 讓更多有實力音樂人能夠發揮。 從那時候開始, Parvati廠牌嘗試著找尋突破Psytrance原有的既定模式確不失讓聆聽者喜悅的好音樂, 帶些許的實驗感, 並有絕對地創新性, 足夠的前衛風格能夠帶領Psytrance聆聽者走向更廣大的方向。 


自2004年起,大多數Parvati合輯專輯都是Giuseppe整合的, 在派對上Giuseppe更會不經意丟出許多屬於Parvati的經典,甚至是未發行的新歌喔!


2010年Parvati十週年在歐洲FullMoon festival舉行,集結Parvati所有藝人表演盛況空前。


I am born and raised in Italy, right after school I moved to Denmark, Aarhus, where I have been based since. There, in the early 90´s, I got introduced to Psychedelic Trance Music by my friend Byzught who was visiting Goa (India) every year collecting music. At that time Psychedelic-Trance music was quite unknown in our town. Byzught slowly introduced and organized the first parties and in the middle of the ´90 we founded the club "INSTANT KARMA" having parties with Total Eclipse, Dino Psaras, Koxbox and more.


During the summer of 2000 I founded Parvati Records. The vision was, and still is, to create a platform for talented producers from the underground milieau. Since the start I have tried to pay attention to artists who try to explore and push the borders of electronic psychedelic trance having allways a friendly approach to the dancefloor: being not full experimental but always innovative and avandgarded in order to reach and stimulate a wider audience.


I have compiled so far all the Parvati releases and since 2004 I have started to play at parties, presenting a selection of the music released on Parvati and the demos arriving at the label.


Parvati+Phreex Network新發行合輯 

Pearls & Pixies II曲目Tracklist


01. Speakerhuggers (feat. Zoolog) - Trailerpark Jam

02. Scaltinof - Splash







03. Drone Bixie - Bullit



04. Gu - Micro Window

05. Psycho Wizard - Catharsis

06. Kerlivin & Koala - Matsuri Dance

07. Farebi Jalebi - Gins

08. Arjuna & Seb - Freedom Overdose

09. Quaint Insects - Magical Mush Room

10. Baba Yaga - Cassini Talks


Mastered by Morten Wurtz a.k.a. Onkel Dunkel





建議你可於發行期間前往Parvati+Phreex Networki網路商店購買:





Design活動海報設計: Kinso Peri(Acousma Project) from taiwan




Decoration裝置藝術26D from taiwan