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Access Virus OS更新至6.5(新增Moog Filter)

新的Virus OS 增加Moog Filters

January 10, 2004

Access Music has released OS6.5 for the Virus C, KC, Indigo2 and rack XL, which adds among other things an emulation of a classic Moog filter.

OS6.5 features a brand new low pass filter algorithm which has been carefully modelled after the Mini Moog. The self-resonating "Analog Filter" which comes in 4 variations (1 pole 6dB/oct, 2 poles 12dB/oct, 3 poles 18dB/oct and 4 poles 24dB/oct) even exceeds it's role model in terms of flexibility. On top of that, the saturation of the virtual ladder filter is controllable using Access' new DCE (Discreet Circuit Emulation) technology.


The update also comes with 60 new sounds by Howard Scarr, Ben Crosland and Matt Skaggs which have been especially programmed for the new filter.

OS6.5 is free of charge and available now from the Access website. There is also a new section which outlines the filters capabilities with loads of audio examples.