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過帶的另一個選擇:A-Designs Pacifica

就在Brent Averill不斷漲價的同時,我們引進了A-Designs, Avedis兩個牌子

A-Designs Audio的Pacifica,一樣來自vintage console的設計,比1272具備更多的細節以及凝聚力。


Solid State Stereo Microphone Preamplifier

What we're going do is go back... WAY back!

...back into time... to the early 1970s, when the recording
industry was starting to bloom with the new technology of solid state. (Dig?)

Hit products were pumped out as fast as hit record--one after another. There was a creative industry within the audio world. It was, without question, a golden age. Some companies that emerged during that period were Neve, API, and
Quad Eight. Although it's been decades, the benchmarks they set are still held as industry standards today.

Quad Eight..70年代與Neve, API齊名的Console

Little is known about Quad Eight, though many feel that they were the best in their field. While debating is usually best left to the history books, A-Designs took up the challenge to take a closer look into the past and decide on its own.

With much research, interviews, and listening, we came up with a product that we feel needs to see the light of day again. With Quad Eight Ventura, Coronado and Pacifica console preamplifiers for reference, we closely examined the design and composition of the heart and soul in the consoles of these great pieces. After much design, A/Bing, and beta testing, the result is a solid state, single space, rack mounted, microphone pre amplifier from the "glory days."

Cloning being what it is (same old same old), we decided to head outside the box and make the tribute something other than the legacy. We added our own touch to bring it to present day applications of the recording world.

And so the new A-Designs PACIFICA was born.


Our thanks go out to Tom and Dave at CineMag for the great work on the transformers.

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