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Cakewalk Sonar 8(力拼!!不甘成為二線程式)

SONAR 8主要新特性

如果你是從以前的版本升級到SONAR 8, 這是專為你設計的版本. 透過SONAR 8, 跛任何之前的SONAR升級版本改變更多, 我們之前問過使用者他們所希望要求的功能與特性. 我們聽取使用者的建議. 所以請參閱下面的List.

如果你需要更多的資料,點閱右邊的連結 check out all the optimizations under the hood of SONAR 8

從以前的版本升級? 請點右邊的連結 Click here to see what's been added with each new version.

新增特性, 最佳化, 以及工作流程的補強包含:

Loop Explorer 2.0(迴圈瀏覽器)—視窗提供了audio以及midi groove clip以及pattern的瀏覽以及預視;快速的拖拉loops 以及 patterns 進入軌道視窗; MIDI groove clips以及patterns 可以依據你所使用的軟體合成器來預覽.

Dedicated Instrument Track(喜愛的樂器軌道)—單一軌道依照立體或單聲道的軟體合程器來最佳化, 簡化透過軟體合成器工作時的程序. 在這個追蹤如何提供使用者期待的工作方式過程中, 之前版本所提供給軟體合成器的多重軌道(multi-track)方式仍然支援. 除此之外使用者可以從/到離散的音軌/Midi軌當中分離並且合併樂器軌道.

SONAR Performance Optimizations(執行最佳化)—集中在功能性上面,包含高軌數時候的執行效率以及低延遲, 快速的啟動時間, 以極不需要重新啟動就可以改變聲音設備的能力; 跟VST plug-ins串流傳輸資料 以及改良的ASIO 執行效率並且具備延遲補償能力.

User Interface optimizations(使用者介面最佳化)—當重新定義視窗以及控制台的尺寸時保持平滑的顯示, 最佳化米特計監看, 更多感應的縮放以及捲頁.


Clip Selection Groups—更多SONAR的多軌錄音以及管理能力, 在錄音完成後, SONAR可以把跨軌的聲音片段自動群組起來 — 對於多軌的弦樂組以及鼓組錄音的編譯來說十分好用.

Aim Assist Cursor—視覺話的指引協助你需要精細對齊音軌編輯的時候使用.

Split and Mute Tools—現在可以同時編輯多重音軌的聲音片段.

Free Edit Tool—不需要任何修改按鍵就可以依照聲音片段或是時間來執行編輯功能.


Live Effects and Soft Synth Recording—使用 SONAR的現場併軌能力, 可以即時播放以及錄製效果器或是軟體合成器輸出的音軌.

Anytime Recording—當SONAR的播放正在使用或是loop的使用者現在可以強制使用(arm)/解除(unarm) 聲音以及MIdi軌道, 在錄放音之間 punch in, punch out, 以及 toggle .


Exclusive Solo Mode with Solo Override(獨家的Solo模式具備Solo覆蓋能力)—新的Solo模式可以強迫一次只能Solo一軌,避免軌道或是Bus在其他軌道Sol的時候被Mute掉。.

Bus Inputs QuickGroup Command(Bus輸入快速群組指令)—自動將所有的來源軌道群組起來, 匯入所選擇的bus.

Mono hardware outputs(單聲道硬體輸出)—除了立體配對輸出,讓你可以更容易的分派軌道/Bus到個別的硬體輸出.


Transport Updates(傳輸面板升級)—真實的倒轉,快轉以及暫停按鍵;監聽按鍵; 改良的啟發式Jog/Shuttle飛梭控制; 對控制介面以及scrub performance的最佳化.

Control Surface Enhancements(控制介面強化)—不論在軌道視窗或是混音台視窗都可以從面板選擇顯示/隱藏軌道, obeying visible/hidden tracks, 保留/儲存控制面板的Midi Port分派, Real-World VST 參數數值現在可以支援.

Track View and Console View Sync(軌道視窗以及混音台視窗同步) --軌道視窗以及混音台視窗上對於顯示/隱藏的軌道現在可以同步.


Enhanced Sample Rate Conversion(強化的取樣頻率轉換) — 使用如LP-64 系列 64-位元Mastering Plugin一樣快速的取樣轉換迴旋引擎(convolution engine).

Vista Audio — WASAPI 格式支援, 相容於所有的Vista 聲音設備, 包含WaveRT PCI 以及 主機板上的 audio, USB, 以及 FireWire 設備

QuickTime 7 Import/Export —支援最新的QuickTime 7 codecs, 支援 H.264 以及 AAC audio.


Insert Send Assistant(Insert Send支援)—provides a fast and easy way to create effect buses and insert sends to new or existing buses.

Updated ACT Presets —mappings for popular plug-ins and controllers.

Templates — over 400 new production ready Track Templates and Project Templates.

Drum Maps & Presets — Updated Drum Maps and Plug-in Presets enhancing our most popular plug-ins.

Patterns — New collection of drum pattern presets for the integrated Step Sequencer.


Beatscape loop performance instrument SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —Beatscape, the latest instrument by Cakewalk's premier synthesis architect René Ceballos takes loop manipulation and realtime triggering/performance to new heights. Beatscape provides 16-pads to load and trigger loops or samples for sequencing your productions and beats. Each pad features a full powered REX player, Rapture-style step generator, multiple effect processors, and sophisticated groove slicing and dicing tools powered by Cakewalk's own AudioSnap slicing technology.

Drag and drop audio directly from SONAR onto the Beatscape pads and it's sync'd and ready to go. Use the built in browser to quickly load clips and loops from your collection of previously recorded material, or choose from the massive 4GB REX library of included beats, breaks and phrases in a multitude of genres ranging from house, drum n' bass, hip hop, techno, glitch, latin, reggaeton, and more from the pros at Heatseekers and X-MiX.

Beatscape is the ultimate remixing instrument.  Combine audio clips from multiple recording sessions and use the 16 pads to sequence them live or into a SONAR track.  Easily load key clips or loops from two separate projects, blend them together, and trigger one shot samples—all on the fly from Beatscape's up-front interface.

Features include:

  • Load loops and trigger/mangle them on the fly.
  • Rearrange loop slices using the 'timber reorder' slice arranger in Beatscape's Loop Editor window to make new loops or variations of loops.
  • Built in Step Generator allows users to quickly and visually draw per-step changes in amplitude, panning, pitch, or LP filter with resonance on individual loops or samples.
  • Make your loops sound the way you want with 17 built in high quality effects.
  • With 3 effect inserts per pad, Beatscape can handle 48 effects at once.
  • Slices from each loop are mapped to their corresponding MIDI channel for pattern programming.
  • Easy MIDI mapping lets you simultaneously trigger entire loops and individual slices.
  • 4 gigabytes of outstanding content arranged as construction kits, broken down into separate layers such as kicks, hats, percussion, snares, synths, and more.

Dimension Pro SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —SONAR now includes a full version of the acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis for endless sound possibilities. The underpinnings of Dimension Pro's creative possibilities is the powerful Cakewalk's Expression Engine providing several types of synthesis including multi-sample rendering, wavetable synthesis, waveguide synthesis, and REX playback and manipulation.

Included Content for Dimension Pro

  • Over 7 GB of content for Dimension Pro including Strings, Bass, Brass, Ethnic Instruments, Evolving Ambient Textures and more.
  • Garritan Pocket Orchestra for Dimension Pro provides a complete set of orchestral instrumentation.
  • Digital Sound Factory Classic Keys Expansion Pack for Dimension Pro—about 1GB of classic electric piano sounds, created by the sound designer for the original E-MU Proteus 2000.
  • Hollywood Edge Sound Effects sample library with over 100 MBs of film score ready samples and sound FX.

TruePianos Amber VSTi Module SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —One of four modules that currently ship with the full version of TruePianos VSTi, the TruePianos Amber Module will provide SONAR users with world-class, playable piano sounds through its combination sampling, modeling, and synthesis sound design. TruePianos sounds and feels great, just like a real acoustic piano, with all the important characteristics: sympathetic resonance, inter-string harmonics, repedalling and more.

  • Designed to blend transparently with the musician's hands through its unique capabilities of matching to the players own playing style (and characteristics of his/her MIDI keyboard) with the help of intuitive controls.
  • Optimized for real-time performance, with low CPU usage even at 96khz host sampling rates and advanced polyphony levels.

New Effect Processors Include:

TS 64 Transient Shaper SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —a powerful tool for sculpting the transient dynamics of any percussive based source material such as drums or guitars. The TS 64 Transient Shaper employs powerful envelope/transient-detection, linear-phase filtering, and gain-shaping to control the dynamics of individual transients of any sound with amplitude variation over time.

The TS 64 Transient Shaper utilizes the same superior linear-phase technology found in SONAR's LP-64 EQ and LP-64 Multiband where the frequency spectrum is split into bands and then summed back together while maintaining the integrity of all processed audio across all frequencies. This provides clear precise control of the timbre of each detected transient without introducing coloration, phase errors, cancellations, comb filtering, or muddy sound.

  • Multi-stage, linear-phase filter algorithm provides frequency dependent gain-adjustment.
  • Level-independent shaping of envelopes allowing for transient sustain to be shortened or extended.
  • Shape audio signal attack phase independently of the decay/sustain phase.
  • Powerful envelope/transient-detection.
  • Great for drum loops and percussion, taming unruly electric guitars, and for improving the attack or fullness of an acoustic guitar or piano.
  • Automatable parameters.
  • Smooth, zipperless output.
  • Full VST functionality for access from dedicated audio editors.

TL-64 Tube Leveler SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —a line driver/leveling processor that employs advanced analog vacuum-tube circuit modeling algorithms to add the unique qualities of tube color and warmth found in classic recordings to whatever source material it is applied.

TL-64 provides intuitive controls to determine the level and character of analog tube saturation, from subtle "warming" to hard-driving saturation. The TL-64 plug-in features a unique selectable Dynamic Response Filter control that when engaged employs a dynamic (versus static) tube model algorithm. The dynamic tube model behaves more like a real vacuum tube in that its characteristics change over time depending on the input signal. There is also a Bass Compensation control that compensates for any reduction in bass material as a result of low-shelf filtering. The Bass Compensation filter allows you to reduce clipping in the bass bands while still maintaining a flat output response.

  • Powered by StudioDevil (Gallo Engineering) known for their ultra-high-quality analog tube amplifier emulation.
  • Several instances of the TL-64 plug-ins can also be combined in effects chains, along with other processors, EQ, and compressors, to create a limitless palette of virtual analog effects.
  • Dynamic and static tube model algorithms.
  • High quality signal processing algorithms.
  • Switchable oversampling option defeats high-frequency aliasing/quantization noise.
  • Smooth, zipperless output.
  • Automatable parameters.
  • Library of presets.
  • Full VST functionality for access from dedicated audio editors.

Channel Tools—provides easy and powerful zero-latency channel processing for adjusting L/R channel placement, gain, pan/width, and phase; sample delay for precision timing adjustment of L/R channels in recordings; Automatic Mid-Side decoding of imported Mid-Side recorded material. Channel Tools can also provide a widening or narrowing effect to stereo recordings through adjustments to mid-side gain.

  • Intuitive control over individual placement of the left and right channels anywhere in the stereo field.
  • Automatically decode Mid-Side channel recordings.
  • Fine-tune the timing of recordings by delaying the left and/or right channel by a specific number of samples or milliseconds.
  • Full VST functionality for access from dedicated audio editors.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive —built on the latest award-winning guitar amp modeler from Native Instruments; 3 amps and cabinets, 11 effects, tuner, metronome, and over 50 presets.

SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive SONAR 8 Producer Exclusive