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ColdPlay使用TL Audio VTC Console

 Coldplay Keep It Warm

September 2008

Although their first EP, titled ‘Safety' was released back in 1998, it was there 2000 hit ‘Yellow' that helped the band embark on their steady rise to fame.

Now classed as one of the largest selling rock bands, with record sales of over 17 million world-wide, it is amazing to think that the band started as just 4 students with a passion for music.

Respected world-wide for their honest lyrics, driving melodies and awe inspiring anthems, these 4 gentlemen will soon be releasing their forth album.

We caught up with bassist Guy Berryman at Coldplay’s private office and studio in North London, a place where the TL Audio VTC takes pride of place in the bands studio.

Firstly, congratulations to you for your continued success and ability to create such moving music.

1. You guys have had an amazing career so far, but what would you say has been the defining moment for you on a personal level?

GB - I think it was the first time we headlined Glastonbury, I mean festivals are always great but that’s kind of like the king of festivals. There’s just so many people there and its just very special thing to do. I was kinda beside myself with excitement!

2. How do you think Coldplay have managed to form their own unique sound within their music?

GB - "Well you know I think that stems from us being four individuals and everyone being an important member of the band and able to express ideas. I think when you get that combination of ideas and people?Like if you look at bands like ‘The Beatles?and ‘The Clash?and that they’re all bands with strong personalities within the group?I think that sort of democracy has really helped shape our sound."

3. Why when you were building this facility and choosing a desk did you decide to choose an analogue console?

GB - “Well when we’re in this preproduction phase that we’re in, we use Logic as a production tool and a small control surface, but we wanted analogue on the way in as a kind of like a front end for the sounds. What we hear back then, which might not actually be finished recordings, will hear full and inspiring."

4. What do you like best about your TL Audio VTC Console? How do you use it in the typical session?

GB - “Its very hands-on, very simple - it feels good and the EQ’s are very musical. You don’t have to play around for a long time to get a good sound from the channels. Its also obviously got a very nice old vintage sound ?but it has reliability as well, you don’t have to keep pulling strips out of it all the time to keep it maintained. We use it as a front end going into our digital application - which is Logic. That’s not to say that we wont kind of send stuff back out and use it is as a mixer as well! It’s certainly got a lot of musicality about it and its just very flexible."

5. Is it true that you Guy, collect vintage gear that is music or recording studio related? What is it that gets you going with the vintage models?

GB - “Yeah! Absolutely. I just think old stuff tends to have more character and soul to it. You know, people are so caught up on having everything sounding clean and nice these days, that sometimes I think it’s the distortion and the failures of old pieces which can add warmth and all kinds of stuff. I’m kind of nostalgic when it comes to the history of recording, so I love the idea of using a compressor on my bass that you know, maybe the Beatles used! It gives you that little bit of extra confidence. Also its like treasure, I like going into vintage stores and finding things in dusty corners."

6. If you could have participated in any single recording session over the last 50 years, who’s would it have been and why?

GB - “God! Well, it might have been something like ‘Dark Side of the Moon’… definitely something at Abbey Road I think, so ‘Dark Side of the Moon' or ‘Abbey Road' maybe just because they’re also my two favourite sounding records of all time and the songs are great, I would’ve loved to have just been that fly on the wall seeing exactly how everything was done "

7. Is it true that Timberland and Brian Eno will be producing the forthcoming album? 

GB - "(Laughs) Well, we’re working with Brian, but erm we haven’t made any plans as yet to work with anyone else - we’re working actually with two people, Brian Eno and Markus Dravs. They both bring different things to the table, Markus is coming more from the engineering point of view and whereas Brian is more of the kinda ideas guy. Hopefully between the two of them we’ll have a really good-sounding idea! At this stage in time we’re really just throwing a lot of ideas around "

8. The new album is due out later this year, any juicy gossip or release dates yet?

GB - “No, not as yet. We’re just going to keep going until we’re all happy with it!"