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吉他手的最愛--肥男Fatman FatFunker限量豋場

 The 'Fat Funker' has been designed as the perfect tube front end for the funkiest of guitarists. Created for live and studio use, this product is able to add that special something to your sound. Whether used in a small rig before your amp or in a large gig feeding the output to front of house, with six valve stages, the Fat Funker is sure to fatten up your sound by delivering depth, warmth and clarity. It is also ideal for the home and project studio - and with the optional DO-2 digital output card, interfacing is easy! This product is the result of feedback and demand from customers, industry professionals and leading musicians. Get ready, because the Fat Funker is sure to deliver a sound that is as 'Fat as funk!'


  • 真空管前級放大,並有Gain增益控制
  • 前面板有吉他導線輸入,後面板則有XLR平衡式輸入端子
  • 4 波段EQ ,中低段並有wider Q 設定可以增加深度並且避免有問題的頻率脫出
  • 具備30dB pad 以及48V phantom power
  • 具備90Hz 高通濾波器
  • Line-in輸入可選擇 -10dB 到 +4dB (unbalanced) 以及 +4dB to +18dB (balanced)
  • 光纖閘控(gate)並具備可改變的作用點(threshold) (10dB – off)
  • 具備Sidechain輸入
  • 可變式壓縮器,attack (05 – 40ms) 以及release (40ms - 4s) time均可調整
  • 壓縮器具備Hard 以及 soft knee模式
  • 'EQ pre' 開關可以設定將EQ 放置在壓縮器的前面
  • 3 組雙三級管(ECC83/12AX7A) ,工作於穩壓的150V直流電源供應器,提供6組valve stages
  • VU 米特計以及drive 與peak 的LED顯示
  • 平衡式的輸入與輸出端子
  • 可選配DO-2的數位輸出擴充卡
  • 與lead, electro acoustic 以及 bass guitars完美搭配