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英國真空管機--TL Audio Ivory系列抵台




 誰在用TL Audio??


User Sting
Application Sting and co-producer Kipper used the VTC console heavily for the writing and tracking of Sting's current album. It's a truly inspiring desk to work with.

User Bryan Adams
Application The Canadian rock heavyweight uses an M-3 as the front end for his Pro Tools rig.

User Alanis Morissette
Application Engineer Chris Fogel chose the C-1 as the mixdown compressor for the classic 'Jagged Little Pill' album. I was amazed at what it did for the tracks.

User Faithless
Application Bassist Aubrey Nunn - who also plays and writes for Dido - invested in a 5052 for his home studio.

User Fatboy Slim
Application Norman Cook has a C-1 compressor permanently strapped to the mix buss of his console, on which all his album projects are recorded.

User Jimmy Page
Application Jimmy and mastering engineer Jon Astley chose an EQ-2 to re-master the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions album. Jimmy and I loved the EQ-2's top end , declared Astley.

User Pink Floyd
Application Band engineer Andy Jackson used an EQ-1 for all vocals on the Division Bell album, and has added an EQ-2 to the Floyd studio arsenal, judging it the best all-round EQ I've ever used.
Quote "All the lead vocals on the 'Division Bell' album mix were run through the EQ-1 and the new EQ-2 is probably the best all-round EQ I’ve ever used."

5001  4軌真空管前級擴大機

5013  2軌真空管4段參數式等化器

5021  2軌真空管壓縮限制器

5051  單軌真空管Combo前級,內含EQ, Compressor。

5052  雙軌真空管Combo前級,內含EQ, Compressor。

5050  單軌真空管前級+壓縮綜合擴大機

5060  雙軌真空管前級+壓縮綜合擴大機